1. Bob, thank you so much for this amazing service. I invested mostly in SLV this year and your signals were spot on! Rex

  2. Wow, with the stock market plummeting, the precious metals are really taking off. You are doing spectacular having us in a long position. Thanks! Emma

  3. Thanks for the list of the leveraged and inverse Gold and Silver ETFs. I also found this list on your frequently asked questions page. I should of looked there first! Sunny

  4. Would you please add my phone number to your notification list? Also I was just wondering what your opinion was on leveraging the SLV with the USLV velocity share 3x long silver ETN or UGLD 3x Long Gold? Thanks much ... I have really appreciated you honest, professional and proven services over the years. Carl

  5. I've averaged 20% returns split between GLD and SLV just in the first three months of 2017! You've nailed almost every turn in the market. Unbelieveable! Marlene

  6. Your service is the bomb! Truly Awesome!! Brock

  7. Dr. Dillon, We are very happy to have joined your service! We just can't believe we used to try this stuff on our own. Just wanted to send you a letter of appreciation for your excellent service. Hope you are around to help us for many years down the road. Dawn & Steve

  8. Nice to be a part of a really profitable year. Glad I signed up to your service. Money well spent! RJ

  9. Hi Robert, Just wanted to tell you in case you didn't already know, but your trading signals for GLD & SLV have been on the money this year! Keep up the great work! Debbie

  10. Bob, After reading the information on your site and being a member of your service for about 10 months now, I have gained a lot of confidence in your mechanical system to trade the gold and silver indices. We are having a wonderful year once again. Jessica

  11. Dear Robert, just wanted to simply thank you for your services. I am nearing retirement and want to be a member even after I retire. I am hoping you open your new business that involves assets under management, since I would like you to manage my account. Your work is honest and straightforward. best regards, Frances

  12. Bob, I am very fortunate to have found your site. The information you provide has a lot of value and it has definitely increased my net worth this year (2014). All the best, Janet

  13. Dr. Dillon, The returns you are having in 2014 are quite good, and you are outperforming the gold and silver indexes! I am crossing my fingers that you will open your own AUM (assets under management) service, because I need a trustworthy advisor to trade my account. You mentioned in a previous letter you are in the process of opening an account with Interactive Brokers to manage client funds and using your trading signals. This is wonderful news! If so, I would like to start with $750K. Please keep me informed on the likelihood of this coming to fruition. Thank you! Ron

  14. Hi Dr. Dillon, Thanks for your service. I plan on being a member for many years to come. I have found out that the key to this system is to trade each signal. Twice during this year, I decided to not make a trade, and missed out on some nice gains. Have a wonderful new year! Cheryl

  15. Hi Dr. Dillon, I like how your returns are steady and continue to gradually increase my savings account. Thats all I could ever ask for. I was wondering if you manage client accounts, meaning autotrade our capital using your trading signals. Also, I know a few other 'wealthy' people who are interested as well. Please get back with me. regards, Sarah

  16. Dear Bob, I can not believe how well the system performed for SLV this year! I pretty much split my holdings in GLD and SLV, but wished I traded more in silver. Is there any way of knowing which ETF will perform better than the other for a certain year? Nevertheless, I am very happy I joined your service. Please keep up the good work! Constance

  17. Thank you for such a wonderful mechanical service for trading Gold and Silver! I recently joined and can't believe how well the system nailed the latest rally for GLD and SLV in mid-Aug '12. I have made well enough money to cover my membership costs just after the first trade. Sincerely, Willie

  18. Hi, I really like how your system captures all the large market moves. The signals you provide are very clear for an amateur investor like myself. Keep up the great work! Tom

  19. Hey Bob, ~i like how your service remarkably (mechanically) timed the recent surge for gold and silver! This definitely beats interpretation of charts. Great work, Zoe

  20. Hello, I wished you offer this service for other indexes as well and not just the gold and silver ETFs. Maybe put this on your "to do" lists in the future. best regards, Chrissy

  21. Your mechanical timing system is the bomb! Thanks for providing us with such a valuable service. Best regards, Tyler

  22. Doc, You are having another spectacular year and outperformed the indexes once again. Congrats! Love your service! Kurt

  23. Hands down, your service is the best I have ever encountered. Thank you much for the professional guidance you provide! All the best, Georgia

  24. A friend in the Marines told me that he was impressed with your service. After checking it out, I must say, this is definitely what I have been looking for "something mechanical", which takes all the human emotion out of trading. I now feel very comfortable with investing again! sincerely, Leo

  25. Hi, I am a new member to your service and so far I am very pleased with it. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Dave

  26. I am soo happy to have signed up with such a professional service. Your system is remarkable at capturing the large moves of the indexes -- very astounding! I hope you maintain this service for investors for a long time to come. Can you tell me the date when I am to renew my membership? I just don't want to miss out on any future trades. Have a wonderful week! Cheers, Ingrid